knife illustration

A small sampling of the stuff I have been working on over the last few weeks. I am taking pictures of the illustrations and then touching up the contrast in gimp. This method is fast and simple but doesn't offer nearly the quality of a scan. Maybe I will include the originals as some kind of perk if I ever do a funding thing.


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CookScratch This Mexican restaurant makes its own sour mix, from scratch.
CookScratch Do people actually use Crisco to make biscuits? No idea. But we ended up with some and I feel adventurous.
CookScratch Scratch pasta and gravlax. A tasty cold pasta dish. Next time zucchini noodles and some fresh dill.
CookScratch Cooking shows "make your own stock" Rachel Ray <pours from container of her "stock">. Have you read the ingredients of her stuff?

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