Roast Beef

This roast beef is the first large solid piece of meat I have cooked in many years. I don't normally cook 6 pounds of meat at once. When I do it is cut into chunks and stuffed into jars and saved for future meals. When you normally try to avoid eating more than a 1/4 lb of meat at any time 6 pounds is ideally 24 servings of meat. For two people that comes out to almost weeks worth of food if you eat it two times a day.

I will turn the final piece into a few different things. There will be a straight forward roast beef meal, I will make some hoagie rolls and turn some of this into Philly Cheese Steaks, There will likely be a hash of some kind as well. What do you do with roast beef leftovers?

This isn't a recipe post but It is important to note that the first step of cooking roast beef is to let it get up to room temperature. This helps it cook evenly. Do not skip this step.


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