lentil burgers

This is the mise en place for an infrequent meal my mom would make back when I was in my teens. It is a pretty simple dish with a great earthy flavor. I'm not sure where the recipe originally came from but I'm pretty sure if you handed a bag of lentils to an Italian that this is exactly the recipe that would result. The results of the recipe is kind of a slow-food-fast effect. Tasty, healthy, deep.

This is my first attempt to make it which means I had to call mom to figure it out. True to fashion it is some of this, a bit of that and a few of those. This is how I learned to cook and it served me very well until I got a live-in-girlfriend who would always eat what I cooked and say "That was great. When can we have it again." My response would be "Again?" While being able to throw a meal together without a recipe is an essential skill it creates a problem when someone wants to eat the same thing twice. It took me a few years of practice to get in the habit of being able to measure everything all the time so that I could write down a recipe to allow us to indeed have the same meal twice. This was one of the three foundations of what would eventually become Scratch Cooking.

It is a simple dish that works both as a side dish and between a bun as a lentil burger. Cold or hot, fresh or chilled for a few day first, it doesn't really matter because it will still be tasty. Because of these traits there is no reason to make a small batch. It can supply a week's worth of meals and sides if you make a big batch.

Today I am taking them and putting them on burger buns. A vegan burger.

You can get the recipe for the lentils here: The buns can be had here:

Just a word of advice: There is nothing wrong with you want to put shredded parmesan on top of this. Nothing wrong at all.


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