graham crackers

Graham crackers are not the healthy snack that people make them out to be. See my prior post to get an idea of how much butter and sugar goes into batch of these. Saying sugar isn't even really right. There is sugar, honey and molasses (75% sugar each).

Three notes:
1) While I wouldn't normally make these for myself they are a favorite of the other person in the house.
2) The key reason to make these is because I will need them to make a crust for cheese cake. This is the best reason ever to make graham crackers.
3) I figured these would be safe to eat for about week. A few months ago I found some of these I had made a year ago. I was expecting them to be covered in nasty fuzzies when I opened them up. Instead they looked like the day I had made them. I cracked one expecting it to be soft and stale. It was firm and crispy. So I took a bite. Just as good as the first day. Apparently if you adhere to proper safety guidelines these things will last forever just like the store bought ones. Here is theupdated recipe.


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