Because this house of two people doesn't need a full sized cheesecake laying around I make some mini-cheesecakes instead. Though this time I had to make them twice. My normal recipe requires scratch made sour cream, cream cheese vanilla extract and graham crackers but it also requires more off the shelf things like eggs.

More to the point it requires half an egg. Half a egg. That is hard to do. Rather difficult actually. So I tried subbing the half an egg for 1/2 a tablespoon of ground flax and two tablespoons of water. After all that has to be easier than making half an egg. The mise en place looked a little something like this:

mini-cheesecakes mise en place

Did it work? Yes. But not great. Good enough? Yes. But not perfect. You could see the little bits of flax suspended in the custard matrix. It tasted fine, the texture was better than most of the cheap store bought stuff but it wasn't perfect. You could use it. I might use it again and try subbing out the stand alone yolk as well. I have plenty of the ingredients left so might give it another test run after all these dishes are cleaned up.

So I did it again the normal way. Except, as you can see in the picture below, I accidentally included both halves of the egg in the picture. Oops. Maybe when I make it again I will take a picture with just one half of an egg but then make it with all the egg bits substituted with flax for actually cooking experiment.

Find the recipe along with the sub recipes for the sour cream, crusts and graham crackers here

mini-cheesecakes mise en place


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