cornbread cereal

What you see here was a common easy breakfast on American farms long before anyone had even thought of making flakes and putting them in a box at an insane price markup. People would make the largest tray of cornbread they could and the family eat a bunch of it for dinner. The left overs would be saved until the next morning and either made into this or into a cornbread porridge.

This cornbread on the left was made two days ago. Its starting to get a little firm. But it still makes a great breakfast. How simple can it get?
1) Make cornbread. 2) tear it up into half inch or larger chunks 3) pour milk over it. 4) Eat it.

I've made fancier versions in the past with cream and berries but there is nothing wrong with jut the basics.

Did I say cornbread porridge up there? Yes. But that will be something we cover another day.



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