pot rack

Despite all my cabnit space in the new place I quickly found that there was no good option for the pots. So I went to the hardware store and made one. I am stil unpacking and do not know where two of my pots are but once I find them they will join the team. This soution also gives me room to grow. If you want to know how to make one like this you can head over to Instructables and make one. Making it is easy. Installing it can be more of a challange. I was very lucky that the studs in the roof went the way I needed them to go so I didn't have to cut and rethread the pipes. I was also lucky that instead of a 2x4 it was a 4x4 or two 2x4s side by side which means it isn't in sheat rock or dry wall but full stud wood.

Any time I want to hang something else up I just need another hook that I can build at the hardware store for ~$4 instead of some proprietary hook I have order online. I think it is now time to go organize the beer and liquor.


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