mise en place for canning bacon

Canning bacon ends and pieces.

Did you know that according to the USDA you should use bacon within 7 days even if you are refrigerating it? I know I keep it around much longer than that. Do you? What if you only need a little bit of bacon? Enough for maybe a thick coating of four cheese burgers or some potato and leek soup, which is what we had tonight.

Walmart has bacon ends and pieces for $4 for two pounds. Two dollars a pound for meat is my magic number for canning. If I can get meat that cheap I look for options to can it for later use. You can can it up in a pressure canner with minimal work. When you need some bacon pull it off the shelf and fry it up. It will not work as bacon strips but is great for any application that uses small bits of bacon like salads, soup toppings, burgers and what-nots. Here is how to do i.t

cooked in the jar


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