1 1/4 cup cornbread
2/4 cup milk or cream
1/2 tsp brown or white sugar
1/4 cup dried berries
+ Break cornbread into bite sized bits and leave out to dry up over night
+ Add milk and sugar to a small pot
+ Add the berries
+ Heat over low heat until the cream is just warmer than your skin (105-120f)
+ Put the cornbread in a bow and pour the cream mixture over it
+ Serve
! This recipe also works really well with no heat but you may want to skip the sugar if you go that way
! Of course you can also use cut up fresh berries instead of the dried ones
! While the cream version of this is very tasty it does have the obvious side effect of being very high in calories. 2/3 cup of cream is about 500 calories before you even figure in the cornbread.


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