Apple cores and skins (any color will do. Frozen works too)
+ Place the apple parts in a pot
+ Pour in enough water so that the apple parts float
+ Bring to a boil
+ Reduce heat to a simmer
+ Cover
+ Simmer for a few hours until the cores are soft enough to mush with no force
+ Put a large colander in a large bowl
+ Lay a layer of cheese cloth in the colander with its corners out
+ Pour the apple mix into the colander
+ Bring the corners of the cheese cloth together to form a sack
+ Tie the corners with some twine
+ Remove the colander
+ Suspend the bag of apple solids above the bowl for a few hours to drain the liquid. Do not squeeze
+ In a clean pot bring the liquid to a boil
+ Reduce heat to a simmer
+ Do not cover
+ Reduce liquids volume by half
+ Do a pectin test, repeat ever 30 minutes as needed until it passes the test
+ Can with half an inch of head space, process in water bath for 20 minutes or freeze until needed
! Keeps for one year


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