! This recipe is still in develpment. If you find a better way to heat it then go for it. 1/2 gallon whole milk
2 Tbsp sugar
3 oz yogurt with active cultures (must contain L. bulgaricus)
a few pounds of ice (optional)
+ Warm both milk and yogurt to room temp
+ Heat milk to 175-180f
+ Whisk in sugar
+ Place milk in a food grade container with lid on but not sealed all the way
+ Let cool to place in a ice bath until it reaches 120f
+ Whisk in the yogurt
=== option one, heating pad without auto shut off feature:
+ Place on a heating pad set to 115f or xxc
+ Place heating pad and container into another container so that it conforms to the shape of the first container
=== option two, water bath method with gas stove
+ Place a diffuser on top of burner, if you don't have a diffuser see if you can use one of the iron grates from another burner on top of the one that's already there but only do this if it doesn't rock in the slightest
+ Place a heat safe plate upside down in a pot large enough to hold the yogurt container
+ Fill with hot water
+ Place yogurt container in the pot on the plate
+ Turn the gas on low
===== option 3, water bath, electric stove
+ Same as gas stove but use a diffuser built for an electric stove
===== option 4, dry heat, Texas
+ If its going to be 110+ degrees Fahrenheit today then put it outside in direct sunlight and drape a black towel or shirt over it
+ With all of these methods you will likely want to have a thermometer placed in the yogurt or water bath to make sure it stays just above 115f and make adjustments as needed
+ Heat it 3-12 hours until the curds and whey separate
+ Put a layer of cheese cloth in colander and place colander in a bowl
+ Pour the mix into the colander
+ Empty the whey in the bowl,
+ Tie up the corners of the cheese cloth with some twine and let the whey drip into the bowl
+ Once it has firmed up place it in a bowl or ramekin
+ Chili it in the refrigerator where it will firm up even more


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