chocolate tacos

Strawberry Tacos

Servings: six tacos
1 batch Macerated Strawberries
1/4 batch Graham Crackers with adjustments noted in this recipe below
1/2 batch Whipped Cream
Chocolate Syrup
+ Follow the directions on the Graham Cracker recipe up until the part when you lay the sheet of dough on the baking mat
+ Place a silicone baking mat in a baking sheet
+ Fill six 1/4 cup metal cups (1/4 cup size) with old beans
+ Place a second baking mat on top of the first one, the results of next few steps are in the picture below
+ Place two cups of beans in the middle of the baking mat about 4 inches apart
+ Pick up one edge of the baking mat and place two bean cups one inch away from the prior cups
+ Curl the baking mat and rest it in the edge of the new bean cups to create a rounded portion of the baking mat between the four cups
+ Repeat with the other side of the baking mat with the last two bean cups
+ Use a muffin cutting ring or some other method to cut 4 inch circles of dough
+ Place the rounds of dough close but not touching on the curled up portion of the mat so that they are close but not touching. You can fit six of them on there at a time, three on each upward hoop bake for 12 minutes.
+ Remove from oven and let cool completely
+ Gently remove the graham cracker taco shells from the silicone mat and place them on your serving plates
+ drain off any liquid from the strawberries
+ fill the taco shells with the strawberries
+ top with whipped cream
+ drizzle with chocolate syrup.
+ Serve right away so that the strawberries don't weaken the shells

graham cracker taco shell form


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