mise en place for canning bacon

Canning Bacon Ends and Pieces

6 8 ounce wide mouth jars with lids and rings
2 pounds bacon ends and pieces
some vinegar
+ Wash and dry the jars and lids
+ Pack the bacon into the jars leaving one inch of headspace
+ Wipe the jars down with vinegar around the lid area
+ Put the jars in the canner
+ Pour cold water into the canner so that it comes up to about 2-3 inches
+ Turn the heat on high
+ Once the pressure builds from the water boiling the pressure lock will pop
+ Start a 10 minute timer
+ Put on the canner weight
+ Once the pressure gauge hits 11 pounds of pressure start reducing the heat so that it stays at 11 pounds
+ Eight ounce jars should be canned for 75 minutes
+ Remove from heat and let it cool until the lid lock unclicks
+ Take out the jars and once they are at room temperature wipe them down with vinegar if they have any residue on them.
! When you want to use it take the bacon out of the jar and toss it in a frying pan and brown it up. It will be mostly bits like if you were to do a crumble as apposed to a strips of bacon. Use it for topping things. Stable for a year but you won't have to keep fresh bacon in house.

raw bacon in jar

cooked in the jar


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