This turned out better than the salted pork belly. Now I just need to try all the other variations.

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Grits topped with salted pork belly, cheese and Anaheim peppers. When I do this again, and I will do it a lot, I am going to double the amount of peppers and I am also going to spend tomorrow trying to track down some hog jowls to use in pace of the salt pork. Maybe one day I will top it with mozzarella and used pancetta instead. Maybe there are too many options that all sound good?

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plum ginger pork chops

I've got this plum and ginger preserves I made a while back. Its too spicy for use in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches unless you are dabbling in the forbidden black arts of gourmet PB&J. I'm not saying my past is free from those moments but this isn't about that. This is about what to do with that plum and ginger preserves.

What goes good with plum? Duck? Pork? Caramelized onions? What goes good with ginger and can cut the bite just little? Duck? Pork? Caramelized onions? I decided go to with the pork side of things.

Did it work? I didn't fully caramelized the onions for this which gives it a more rustic feel. I would fully caramelize them in the future but it was still nice and tasty.

Caramelize a medium onion. Deglaze the pan with 1/3 cup stock or red wine. Add 3/4 cup of plum ginger preserves or 3/4 cup plum preserves with 1 inch of fresh ginger peeled and minced. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Simmer until it reduces by about half and thickens. Pour it over a perfectly done pork chop or duck breast.

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aloo tamatar sabji or potato and tomato curry

The problem with Indian food is that its cheap, nutritious, tasty and largely accidentally-vegan. Wait, those aren't the problems. Those are the perks!

This is a meal that couldn't have existed before about the year 1700 as neither potatoes or tomatoes were crops there until then. Today they are both staples in our grocery lists but few people know that they are just a few spices away from turning them into a tasty Indian dish. Find the recipe here.

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utensils on peg board

Trying to get those awkwardly shaped items out of drawers where they always gum up the works or are impossible to find? I know I am. If you do this make sure to close the cabinet door after every addition to insure you don't have something bumping up against the shelves or something swinging out that will make opening or closing the cabinet. If I keep everything where it is then I might mark the outlines of the items but for now I leave it open for revisions.

I ran out of S-hooks the other day. Fortunately I have a spool of 14 gauge galvanized steel wire left over from a chain mail armor project so I started making customized S-hooks. Maybe I will post video of how to make those soon. But for now I have to go make some mayonnaise for tomorrows lunch.

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