cabinet pans

Looking for some extra cabinet space? I was. My new cabinets have a spot you just can't get too without first moving stuff out of the way. I decided that some 9x9 baking pans would be the prefect solution. Put the seldom used stuff in the pans that will be tucked into the deep corner of the cabinet and now you can pull out the tray closest to it and slid it to where you can easily reach every item in it. One can now pull every item on a shelf in less than a minute with this strategy which will come in handy for reorganizing and cleaning. The trays will also help avoid "grab for item A and accidentally knock item B out of the cabinet" as the tray walls will keep things put. Its all around a win-win kind of thing.

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all the canned goods

All of my canned goods in one spot for the first time. Achievement unlocked. I should label the shelves now.

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Chorizo Vegetable Soup with Crackers

What to do you get when you combine one quart of Ball's Vegetable Soup, a quarter pound of frozen chorizo and a 1/4 cup jar of roasted green chilies[0]? You get something that really needs some crunch to make it a complete meal.

How to accomplish this crunch? How about we test out the oven I have never before used with a cracker recipe? Good thing I did this before trying something more delicate. This oven runs hot and has some hot spots. You can see that the same batch of crackers is divided into two portions, those that are edible and those that aren't. I will keep this in mind when making things in the future.

Always test a new oven before spending a lot of money on custard supplies that might create bruleedd creme instead of creme brulee.

[0] I don't have a link for that one. Roast the peppers until the skin turns black, toss them in a paper bag until they cool down, peel the skins off and remove the seeds, chop them and pressure can them in half cup jars for 35 minutes at 11 pounds of pressure. Complete details can be found here

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peg board

I don't have as much wall space in this new kitchen so easy access to my measuring spoons wasn't happening without some engineering. Some peg board, screws, and some 14 gauge wire bent into "S" hooks with a pair of pliers and we are ready to roll.

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pot rack

Despite all my cabnit space in the new place I quickly found that there was no good option for the pots. So I went to the hardware store and made one. I am stil unpacking and do not know where two of my pots are but once I find them they will join the team. This soution also gives me room to grow. If you want to know how to make one like this you can head over to Instructables and make one. Making it is easy. Installing it can be more of a challange. I was very lucky that the studs in the roof went the way I needed them to go so I didn't have to cut and rethread the pipes. I was also lucky that instead of a 2x4 it was a 4x4 or two 2x4s side by side which means it isn't in sheat rock or dry wall but full stud wood.

Any time I want to hang something else up I just need another hook that I can build at the hardware store for ~$4 instead of some proprietary hook I have order online. I think it is now time to go organize the beer and liquor.

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