can openers

I have been replacing all my plastic with stainless steel when I have found can. I just about have it all sorted out now. But I just made an exception. Do you see the one labeled C? That is not stainless steel.

A) Your normal modern can opener. You can get these anywhere and they typically work good enough until, eventually, the rubber handles fall off.

B) Stainless steel but this belongs in your camping gear, not in your kitchen. Using this in your kitchen will make you hate life because of its non-ergonomic fell.

C) Mid-20th century cast aluminium that is lightweight, large and very comfortable in the hand. Paid $3.50 at a thrift store. It will outlive me.

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canning stocks

Moving means shutting down the kitchen for a while. Or at last making it as efficient as possible. Now is not the time for me to be starting up a batch of sauerkraut. Not that fermenting would be a good idea with 50f lows right now anyway. I will be making the most out of my canned goods for quick easy meals over the next week or so. After that we will kick down to no-cook meals.

The picture is one of the bins I have under the couch. It doesn't begin to cover the full amount of stuff I have. But it does begin to cover the next few weeks just fine.

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Having what you need on hand when you need it is always nice. This is easy for dried goods like lentils and flour you can stock for a while but for fresher goods it normally means visiting the market for produce. But there are shortcuts once in a while. I am always using peppers and onions. One way to always have usable peppers and onions is with a bag frozen in the icebox. You can find the recipe here

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breakfast burrito

What do you get when you mix tortilla, chorizo, bell peppers, onions, diced deep fried potatoes and a duck egg French omelette?

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rejected meme

This one might be a little too meta.

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