You may have noticed that I am not posting nearly as much content in in the last few month as I used to. I want to get back to that but right now things are just a little first world problem crazy at this time.

My kitchen is tiny. If you know how tiny it was you would be amazed that I do all the things you see here. My available counter space for working is less than 2 by 3 feet. This is why you always see the same jars of flour in the background of pictures and I don't have a proper light box for photographs. It is the only space I have to take pictures in. My kitchen has exactly two drawers. It is tight here. The goods you have seen me can are stored near the laundry room and under the couch. Space is tight here. This kitchen size problem prohibits me from doing a lot of long term projects I would like to do such as dried sausages and more cheeses.

This is going to change soon. We are moving to a place with much more counter space, drawers and cabinets as well. I look forward to having a lot more fun with you when that happens.

The other factor is money. Our money supply had been cut in half a while back. Which means I have been cooking more of what I know and less exploring lately. I have not made any money from Scratch Cooking Archives. When I started this I figured I would write a cookbook that no one would read because I needed to write it. I knew it was going to take a few years to pull it off though because unlike a lot of cookbooks out there I am actually questioning a lot of fundamentals and building recipes from scratch. This isn't "saute some asparagus and add some mustard" this is "make some mustard and add it to some sauteed asparagus". What is the most fool proof way to make a white bread that is good for sandwiches, french toast and with a few extra steps can be turned into cinnamon raisin bread? Oh and what is the best way to make raisins? Double oh, can we make that cinnamon raisin bread into french toast? Where does one find the best price on cinnamon? Did you know that you can get several ounces of the stuff for the price you pay for an ounce of it at grocery store if you just head to the local Mexican market?

I have plans to start putting together some smaller ebooks on topics like pancakes and pasta. This will be good as by the time the final book is ready I will have a process down. Between now and then I am I'm spending money on web hosting. That isn't much but it is there. The food costs are a factor too but not too bad since I get to eat what I make. But I can't make too much too fast because there are just two of us here to eat things. So while I have a lot of things to do I am limited by the pace.

I see a lot fund raising out there with the promise of a book and other things down the road without any updates. I'm trying to avoid that and put the goods out in a more traditional style where you ask people to spend money on something that exists not something that will exist. I hope I will get support in that old school style of doing things.

Thanks for listening to me. Go make yourself some cornbread and some butter to go along with it. I have to go donate some blood after this episode of Breaking Bad is done.

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cornbread cereal

What you see here was a common easy breakfast on American farms long before anyone had even thought of making flakes and putting them in a box at an insane price markup. People would make the largest tray of cornbread they could and the family eat a bunch of it for dinner. The left overs would be saved until the next morning and either made into this or into a cornbread porridge.

This cornbread on the left was made two days ago. Its starting to get a little firm. But it still makes a great breakfast. How simple can it get?
1) Make cornbread. 2) tear it up into half inch or larger chunks 3) pour milk over it. 4) Eat it.

I've made fancier versions in the past with cream and berries but there is nothing wrong with jut the basics.

Did I say cornbread porridge up there? Yes. But that will be something we cover another day.

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The problem with canning sardines is... well there isn't really a problem. It's easy and provides instant protein that, as you saw last week, you can pair with a few crackers for a tasty quick meal.

While I would love to pack these in oil that just isn't a safe option for home canners. That is why you won't find any recognized safe recipes out there for fish or things like roasted bell peppers in oil.

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grilled cheese with pepper sauce

Yesterday I linked to how to make the bread. You know what goes really good with a fatty grilled cheese sandwich? Some acid to cut the fat. Best delivery system for acid? Home made chili pepper sauce.

Recipe for chili pepper sauce: Here

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Grilled cheese, scratch made bread, olive oil, cheddar and scrambled egg.

A simple breakfast on a sick day. Scratch made bread grilled with olive oil holds together a scrambled egg centered cheddar melt. It was this or cheese cake. I will probably have cheese cake once it warms and the flavors get a chance to open up. Bread recipe can be found here.

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