knife illustration

A small sampling of the stuff I have been working on over the last few weeks. I am taking pictures of the illustrations and then touching up the contrast in gimp. This method is fast and simple but doesn't offer nearly the quality of a scan. Maybe I will include the originals as some kind of perk if I ever do a funding thing.

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pots and pans illustration

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induction burner

What do you do when you are canning 12 pints of apple butter but only want to run the canner once? If you are me you pull out your induction burner and an 8 gallon brew pot. Little known fact: if your pot is big enough you can, as seen here, stack one layer of jars on another to can them. When I fill all the jars I will add a second tray between the two layers so that the top jars will be stable when it starts boiling.

This week I wrote up, and will soon make available, my list of kitchen essentials. Neither of these things are on that list. But they sure are nice to have.

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I have been editing, linking drawing and making things look like I might know what I am doing. Once I get some more of all that done and add in some formatting to make the words pretty I might just be ready to upload some stuff to the website.

salt shaker

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chicken curry salad

I was not wanting to cook. I was not wanting to go out. I was wanting to have time to type up a primer on canning. So I went through my stocks of canned goods and found this jar of chicken. Then came the task of planning the best way to not cook it. That is when it occurred to me I have all the fixings for a curry chicken salad sandwich. One of my favorite things about chicken curry salad sandwiches is their total lack of celery. Which was good because I was out of that anyway.

This recipe is a good example of stacking scratch made stuff to create a scratch meal. I made the curry powder a months ago. The mayo last week. The craisins was from a month back. None of them were made to make this dish but when you make the stuff you make stuff from you are always just a few moments away from a scratch meal.

Looking for a recipe? Click here.

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