eggs-benedict-with-duck confit

Well this took longer than I wanted it to. Things got crazy here and so I have been sitting on this duck confit since the 6th. There was only one thing I wanted to do with it. I wanted eggs benedict with duck confit. But while I was knocking tasty things off the to-do list I also finished the habanero sriracha. That stuff fermented for a few days longer than I thought it would but eventually it settled down. I put a little bit, a little goes a very long way, on the potatoes.

The duck, english muffin, and hollandaise sauce will all be in the cookbook when it is eventually finished.

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kegging the beer

A week or two late but I am finally getting that beer into a keg. The habanero sriracha is fermenting and coming along very nicely. It should be ready shortly and then it will be applied to some hot wings. Some tasty hot wings served with some of this beer?

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habanero sriracha

I decided to do a batch of sriracha but instead of using more traditional pepper selection I have gone with 100% habanero peppers. The full two pounds of peppers didn't fit in my blender so I did half of them and started chopping the stems off the other half of the batch. This is when I regretted not using a gas mask. Be careful if you decide to follow in my foot steps.

The recipe is this with just changing the type of peppers:

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duck stock mise en place

Bonus internet points to anyone who can name what I am about to cook up.

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Here I am making a beer that isn't from any regular beer style. A friend gave me 5 pounds of local North Carolina pale malt. It is said it tastes a bit like Munich malt. Five pounds doesn't a beer make so I added a three pounds of Belgium two row to the mix and decreased the batch size to 3 gallons. I went with 26 grams of Hallertau at 60 and 3 grams at 10 minute. For yeast I went with one packet of Safale S-04.

Will it be tasty? I have no idea. Unknown malt, unknown recipe. Will it be beer? Yes.

OG 1.069
FG 1.017
IBU 30
SRM 12
ABV 6.7

belgium mild beer

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