Tired of trying to figure out how many grams are in a cup of water and doing the math so that you get exactly a 5% brine? Now you can use this calculator to do the work for you.

Special thanks to my friend Joseph 2.0 for taking it as his personal mission to figure out how to code this in HTML so that we didn't have to use javascript or PHP to do it.

This will soon find its way into the conventions and canning pages I am writing for the site.

% of brine that should be salt:  
Amount of brine needed in cups 

Do not fill anything in below this line.
Grams of water to use:  
Grams of salt to use:  
Total grams of brine:  

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baked oatmeal mis en place

Winter is just around the corner. Last year I worked on some baked oatmeal recipes to keep me happy during those colder months. I know this might look healthy with all those oats, seeds, and fiber rich dried fruits and berries but I promise it is also tasty.

The recipe pictured above is based on this one with some basic substitutions in the fruit category that wouldn't effect the weight moisture level much and cause problems.

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egg bacon sandwich

After two days of being down because a Joomla update melted the Scratch Cooking Archives website we are back up.

Now what am I doing to day? I am starting with breakfast which you can see pictured in this post. I didn't make the cheese or bacon but I did make the bread and the spicy brown mustard. The egg inside is a simple one egg French omelette with a pocket of cheddar melted in the center of it and some extra sprinkled on top. I am almost out of that mustard so I will be making some of that and I am also out of yellow mustard so I will be making some of that too.

Also I will be making some of what my family calls Italian Gravy. Pasta sauce that has a whole lot of savory pork neck bone cooked in it. Here is the recipe for that.

What are you cooking today?

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I'm not saying that I scrapped off what little usable meat from the stock bones that had been simmered for three hours. Okay I am. And then I took some scratch made horseradish, scratch made seedy mustard [recipe not published yet] and scratch made bread from the other day and made a sandwich.

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