I call it Mulligatawny because it is a dead ringer for what they called Mulligatawny at a local Indian place. But it is vegetarian and has no rice in it so that's not the right name for it. Call it Red Lentil Soup or
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Mortadella with Guinness bread and mustard. Its lunch time. Was using an old recipe for the bread and when it asked for 2/3 cups Guinness I obeyed. What I should have done to make it fully scratch was to turn around open the door of my second fridge and grab the tap for the stout I brewed two months ago. Sadly since I didn't do this I had to drink the rest of that tasty Guinness while waiting for the bread to rise.
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green pepper sauce in bottles

Peppers Sauce Mark II. Korean long green peppers were used for this. After bottling it seemed like a waste to toss the pulp. Need to find a use for it within a week or so. Any suggestions on what to do with pickled pepper pulp?

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The potato galette was done with olive oil instead of butter or bacon fat. A little chili powder makes it really tasty. Poached eggs. Bacon not made from scratch (I didn't cure it) but I know its healthy because the packaging told me it was gluten free. Which somehow makes it different than 99% of all brands of bacon.
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Breakfast: 2 kinds of mango (check your local asian market) and coconut milk. The flesh of the coconut is in the toaster oven. Not sure what it will become but at least I will have it. These little "sport mangos" (on the right) are pretty good. Not as fibrous as their larger green cousins. These things were so ripe that after cutting them I just pealed the skins away with my fingers.
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CookScratch This Mexican restaurant makes its own sour mix, from scratch.
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