You know how you can tell you might have a problem? Before going to bed you transfer the catsup to the crock pot, then wake up 15 min early so you can get it in and out of the pressure caner before going to work. BTW it takes almost 2.5 pounds of tomatoes, onions and peppers to make 12 ounces of catsup. In order to keep costs down most retail catsup is 30% or more corn sugar. Mine is free of any added sugar. Well time to take it out of the caner and go to work.
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Enchiladas are done. Had run out of chili powder so making more added almost 45 min to my day. The enchilada sauce that wasn't used up for this dish is currently in the pressure caner so that is two quarts for use some other day where instead of spending 6 hours in the kitchen I will only have to spend 5. Well maybe just 3 if I decide I don't want scratch made refried beans.
photo 327975_10150487116728558_739248557_9048749_871728557_o.jpg
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Verde sauce fresh from the caner.
photo CIMG0297.jpg
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"+Jay del corro" posted this link for some sexy looking ceviche. The only non-scratch part is the wanton wrappers. There are a lot of recipes out there for making those from scratch. Some are literally just flour and water, some add salt and egg. Shouldn't be too hard to find the one that works for you. But instead of using a rolling pin like most suggest I would recommend your pasta machine for making them consistently thin and fast.
video Last week, I asked you what your favorite party food was. Today, I am featuring the comment with the most 'thumbs up' - which belongs to chinaeyes22, aka Jason Telmo of the NoyTube Stars. Jason was looking for a fresh new presentation for raw salmon or tuna. Sadly, I have no oysters, but today's recipe can use either salmon or tuna. In honor of Jason and the Philippines, I am using some inspiration from Pinoy cuisine and giving my fish the kinilaw treatment. Kinalaw is a Filipino ceviche with tropical infusion. With a little imagination and creativity, we have made a delicious and colorful party food that you will love. Music by Jason Shaw, used with permission
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Tomorrow I will be making enchiladas from scratch. Tortillas, verde, pollo. Today I was hunting through antique stores in South Carolina and found a copy of The Complete Book of Pickles & Relishes[0] 1965 edition. The meats category is a little sparse but it does have lots and lots of recipes for preserving all kinds of things I have leftovers of from cooking other things. If you ever find yourself wondering "What can I do with these eggs that are about to expire?" this book has you covered :)

article The Complete Book of Pickles & Relishes: Leonard Louis Levinson: Books The Complete Book of Pickles & Relishes: Leonard Louis Levinson: The Complete Book of Pickles & Relishes: Leonard Louis Levinson: Books The Complete Book of Pickles & Relishes: Leonard Louis Levinson: Books
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