Pomegranate jelly. Cost not including jars is about $3 each. Jars are reusable. Labor: ~2 hours including cleaning. Pomegranates are in season right now and local mega-asian market had them for $1.29 each.
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Whole wheat pancakes and other stuff.
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Apple Butter

This time I made a full batch instead of a half batch. It took hours longer to thicken up as a result. But still worth the effort. I should now have enough to last me till next winter. Recipe tip: use a microplane to make your own ground cinnamon. Much better flavor than buying a pre-ground bottle that has been sitting on a shelf for 2-10 months.

Apple butter

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Made one tortilla so I could fill a craving and use the last "emergency only" can of refried beans I got a long time ago and never used because I am always making them from scratch now.
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Fell free to post scratch cooking related things here.
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CookScratch This Mexican restaurant makes its own sour mix, from scratch.
CookScratch Do people actually use Crisco to make biscuits? No idea. But we ended up with some and I feel adventurous.
CookScratch Scratch pasta and gravlax. A tasty cold pasta dish. Next time zucchini noodles and some fresh dill.
CookScratch Cooking shows "make your own stock" Rachel Ray <pours from container of her "stock">. Have you read the ingredients of her stuff?

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